Founded in 1981, CASA (Centro Para los Adolescentes de San Miguel de Allende) is a centre for family and reproductive health that provides support to women and adolescents through an array of health, education and cultural programs.  Its extensive services are provided not only within San Miguel, but also to the large rural population surrounding it – communities with a great need for such services – and by way of outreach activities throughout Guanajuato state.

CASA operates the only accredited School of Professional Midwifery in Mexico and it is having an impact on Mexican health policy at the national and state levels, especially in regard to the development of professional training for midwives in other Mexican states.

For more information, please visit CASA’s own website by clicking here.

More than two decades ago, a group of volunteers from Toronto, who called themselves Canadians for CASA, began raising funds to support CASA’s activities. This informal group endured (for more detail, see Our History) and in 2009 it provided the foundation for Amistad Canada’s application as a registered Canadian charity.

Thus CASA appropriately became Amistad Canada’s first NGO partner when we launched our first project in 2010. We now have three projects underway with CASA:

1) The inaugural 2010 project, which funds a staff position in CASA’s School of Midwifery and assists with equipment purchases. For more details, click here.

2) We help to fund the salary of an Educational Psychologist, who works on the prevention of domestic violence and provides support for women and children who are affected by it. For more details, click here.

3) As part of its reading program for children in rural communities, CASA is establishing libraries in rural pre- and primary-schools. For more information on Amistad’s Rural Libraries Project, click here.