Since 1970 Patronato Pro Niños has been working in the countryside communities of San Miguel de Allende to promote good health and oral hygiene by providing necessary medical, dental, and now psychological care to economically disadvantaged children and their families.

Patronato's mission - “Help these Children Thrive” - has already been realized through professional services to the second and third generations of the same family. These families trust Patronato Pro Niños - trust that comes from thousands of children who have been helped through the years.

Patronato Pro Niños directly employs one doctor, a social worker, a psychologist, and four dentists who treat the children. In addition, Patronato pays for medicines and the services of specialty doctors, therapists, laboratory tests, as well as transportation to specialty hospitals in Celaya, Leon, Mexico City, and Irapuato.

Patronato provides medical and dental services at our Children´s Health Center in Fraccionamiento Ignacio Ramirez and to the rural communities with our three mobile dental vans.

Additional services include our Vitamin Supplement Project, and our Orthodontia Clinic.