The Amistad Canada

Kitchen Angels Project

The first Amistad-FTH joint project is already well underway: two new kitchens serving an additional 1000 meals a week. Thanks to a generous kick-off donation by two “Amistad Angels”, children attending three schools in two poor communities are enjoying daily hot, nutritious lunches.

In Los Gónzalez, the kitchen serves over 100 students in two schools, Benito Diaz de Gamarra kindergarten, and Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez primary. And another hundred students are now being fed in the community of Puerta de Sosa.

Donations to Feed the Hungry made by other “Amistad Angels” will be directed toward maintaining the program in those two villages. To find out more about how the project works visit the FTH webpage.

Al Kocourek, president of Feed the Hungry SMA, and school principal Verónica Sanchez de la Torre at the opening of the Los Gónzalez kitchen.
Map of all current Kitchens in the San Miguel de Allende area
When FTH’s current head chef, Valentin Patlán Gónzalez, was in kindergarten, he benefited from the program. He eventually decided to make a career of cooking and now designs the menus enjoyed by thousands of kids every school day.

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