La Catalina Fundación


The mission of La Catalina Fundación (LCF) is to offer educational opportunities which enable students to have a more prosperous future in a changing time and economy.

LCF provides educational opportunities to students living in La Manzanilla and surrounding rural areas where educational opportunities are limited.

The Problem: Education in the area is below the national standard due to a variety of issues the community faces. These include:

  • Many local families lack sufficient financial resources to afford education for their children beyond elementary school. Historically this has led to many students dropping out before entering high school.
  • Classrooms are overcrowded, often with 50 plus students; learning outcomes are decreased.
  • Access to only the most basic curriculum.

Making A Difference: Since 2003, LCF has been working to solve these problems by developing and offering programs within the local schools and in its own purpose-built education centre.

LCF provides badly needed financial support for children eleven and older through the 'Wings to Fly' scholarship program. Recipients receive not only the necessary financial support to stay in school, but also extracurricular workshops and classes including: English, environmental education, leadership skills, computer information, personal development, career goal setting, and health & wellbeing.

LCF donations also funds English language classes in the local schools. Classes are taught to over 230 students by a committed and compassionate bilingual teacher who works with the foundation. During the pandemic, classes have been redesigned to support small online groups.