How We Work

Project Development

  • Amistad members who are active in the San Miguel community become aware of an NGO that responds effectively to our mission: to improve the lives of people in need through better health, education and social justice.
  • An Amistad volunteer undertakes discussions with representatives of this agency to identify areas of need and the potential for developing a practical project and the financing needed to support it.
  • This may lead to a proposal for a specific project, developed in consultation with the social agency concerned: a description of the project, a proposed budget and a plan for raising the necessary funds.
  • The proposed project and implementing agency are investigated by Amistad Canada’s Board of Directors.
  • If the project is approved, a formal Memorandum of Understanding, describing the steps involved in implementing and managing the project, is negotiated with the Mexican partner-agency.
  • An Amistad Project Chair works with the project Partner to assist fund-raising and reporting on the project.

Because we are an all-volunteer organization, a very high percentage of the funds donated to Amistad Canada will be spent directly on our charitable projects.

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