How We Work

Donald Store
Project Development

Amistad Canada is an all-volunteer organization, developed and managed by Canadians who have a special interest in Mexico, usually because they regularly spend time there. Projects are established when Amistad enters into agreements with the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that provide the charitable services involved. Because these projects are funded by tax-deductible donations, Amistad Canada is responsible for seeing that they comply with regulations defined by Canada’s Income Tax Act. It reports on its activities to the Canada Revenue Agency, which is responsible for monitoring compliance with the Act.

When a Mexican NGO is accepted by Amistad Canada’s Board of Directors as a partner, the terms of the partnership and the nature of the project to be undertaken are described in a formal Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) between Amistad and the NGO.

The potential for a partnership between a Mexican NGO and Amistad Canada may exist if:

1) The work of an NGO clearly lines up with Amistad Canada’s mission, as defined by its Corporate Purposes.
2) The NGO has Canadian volunteers (at least one, but more is better) who are active in and well informed about its activities. Such volunteers must be able to provide leadership in connecting to potential Canadian donors.

An Amistad Project Chair works with the project partner to assist fundraising and reporting on the project. Because we are an all-volunteer organization, a very high percentage of the funds donated to Amistad Canada will be spent directly on our charitable projects.
For more information on how to become a partner, contact us at: